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Dining Guide If you want to try some new cuisine for a change, you can choose the Asian cuisine, which is much more than the Chinese food that you are use to when eating out. There are many areas that have quite a wide range of good options when it comes to Asian Food.

One type of Asian food that differs completely from the Chinese food you already know is the Japanese food. Although called Chinese food, the dishes served in America are quite different from the ones the Chinese actually eat back home, in China. So if you are looking for authenticity, then you should try the Japanese cuisine and the place to start with is a Japanese steak house. One great advantage is that you can have the food cooked just in front of you, so you will know exactly what you are eating.

A typical Asian blend of tastes and sensations is given by the Thai cuisine. Although it is told to be particularly spicy, it actually combines all the tastes: hot, sweet, sour, bitter and salty. It can soon become your favorite type of food.

What you should also try is the Vietnamese food. Its dishes are based on herbs and fresh vegetables, accompanied by various dipping sauces and seafood.

Korean food speaks about centuries old tradition. Although it is rather specific for different regions of the country, there still are some dishes spread nationwide.

Asia gathers so many cultures with its customs, traditions and, of course, cuisine. This is why it is so easy to find a different kind of food every time you feel like trying something new. Asian food is not about the well known Chinese food found all over America, so adventure yourself in the heart of Asian cuisine by trying the other types, much closer to authenticity.

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